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In the year of 1957 Elder Lemuel Austin received a calling from God to open a church.


In the month of March, 1957, The Whole Truth Church of God in Christ was founded and worship service was held on Beaubien Street at Bethune in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The church members were the pastor�s family and the late Sis. D. Antwine. Within one month, the Lord added twenty-five (25) members, which included a church mother, four (4) deacons and their families.


In October, 1957, the church was able to purchase a building at 721 Clairpointe Street. The Articles and Corporate papers were drawn up and we were registered in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan as a non-profit corporation known as The Whole Truth Church of God in Christ with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. The Lord added greatly to the church both spiritually and financially. More deacons were added to the board and a trustee board was founded. A banking committee was established and Deacon W. H. McCutchen was appointed to head the finance and banking department.  The church had to be enlarged twice because membership had grown to one hundred and fifty (150) parishioners.

In 1975, the city of Detroit Urban Renewal Project purchased our church building and property. In June, 1976, we relocated to our present address of 3997 Humboldt. After paying cash, we received from Messiah Baptist Church the deed to this property on Saturday, June 26, 1976.

On May 21, 1986, the Lord called Founder Lemuel Austin home for his reward.

August 16, 1986, Elder Ernie McCutchen, Sr., was appointed by Bishop P. A. Brooks to succeed Elder Austin as Pastor of The Whole Truth Church of God in Christ. Pastor McCutchen endeavors to be used of the Lord; for the church to continue growing in God�s grace and to be completely prepared to serve Him.

In June of 1991, our sanctuary became unusable due to deterioration beyond repair.   We moved to the upstairs auditorium of the church's annex building, remodeling the stage and seating areas into a beautiful sanctuary.  This place of worship became affectionately and appropriately known as "The Upper Room."

After hiring an architect, plans were made to rebuild our sanctuary because of our growth and the inconvenience of worshipping upstairs.  The plans were submitted to the City of Detroit and approval was granted on October 22, 1991 to erect a new church sanctuary.

On April 18, 1993 we began to demolish our old sanctuary.  On that same parcel of land we began to build the Lord an house.  In the interim, services continued in "The Upper Room" the remodeled auditorium of the annex building.

January 1995 we begin having service in our newly constructed edifice located on our same property 3997 Humboldt.



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